quality strike. quality body movement by Tevez. 

Alhamdulilahi Rabbil Alemin! 

Alhamdulilahi Rabbil Alemin! 

POST MATCH COMMENT: Juventus 2-0 Udinese (day #2 andata)

In need of some time away from my MBA books, I took some time to write some words about Juventus and the beginning of the new season. Well, just another three well earned points for Juventus tonight. 

1. Allegri has inherited a strong Juventus, and it goes without saying that the hard work of Mister Conte is obvious even under Allegri. Would not be considered unfair to think and say that without a doubt Antonio Conte has done a fantastic job in leading this group of players who are now able to execute and perform with the same style even without his input of expertise during the 90 minutes.

2. 20 consecutive wins at Juventus Stadium. What a fortress. 'Abandon all hope, you who enter here'. One of my minimum requirements from Allegri is that he takes good care of the unbeaten record of our home games that Antonio Conte managed to build upon.

3. Pereyra is an interesting player. Probably one that truly deserving to be called an ‘interesting player’. Not crazy talented, but still a decent player - not proven and lacks experience, but determined - perhaps, Juventus could be the team to exploit his abilities. I liked what I saw from him tonight, decent passing, some nice runs and a nice attitude as well. Prove me wrong boy - I like to sit here and eat crow.

4. And finally, Claudio Marchiso opens the account for this season. What a perfect strike to seal the deal for tonight. Three years ago the same player scored in a similar fashion against Milan and our current Coach. Now, that’s all changed and Mister Allegri can celebrate together with Principino.

Man of the match: Torn between Lichtsteiner and Caceres. But, I’ll go with the former. For more fun, rate the players here: https://t.co/kTwOVNfCHw 

FinoAllaFine ForzaJuventus !!! 


Andrea Pirlo’s freekick goals (Season 2013/14)

what a man. 


Andrea Pirlo v Fiorentina (Europa League 2013/14)